This week we will be letting go of the societal calls for perfection that we are slammed with on a daily basis —┬áthe shaming and damaging “shoulds” and expectations of what success means, our mythical ideal body image, normative behavior… to uncover that we’re perfect and beautiful just the way we are.

We’re an incredible species… And we’ve set weird, impossible standards that create incredible unkindness toward ourselves with terrible self talk. We wouldn’t dream of talking to others the way we talk to ourselves – full of judgment and expectations. Even if we’re self confident, our negative self-talk can run like a minimized program for our entire lives. This is caused by our family of origin (even if they love us), our society which is filled with ads, tv, magazines, and even a walk in the mall sends hundreds of negative messages banking on their ability to manipulate us into needing their products so that we fit in. This is so wrong! We’re incredible – every one of us! Join us this Monday night.┬áTake this opportunity to stock up on Self love and release negative self-talk.

See you Monday!

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