Love You!

Sometimes we sense that we need to change, and sometimes we believe that it’s all the outside work that will us change and make us happier. The outside work is about external things – like getting in shape, losing weight, whiter teeth or a different hairstyle or wardrobe. The change that really wants to happen – is inside.
Loving your Self for who you are is the first change that needs to happen. Love Your Self. ALL of your Self — the messy parts, the parts you aren’t proud of, the parts that snap at other people and make mistakes, and the parts that are beautiful and contribute to the world — because we’re all just doing the best we can.
Beautiful shifts can take place when we lovingly support the changes we need to make. While sometimes change can feel overwhelming – Goddess knows I’ve been overwhelmed –  it can benefit us so much to take steps to be healthier, move our bodies in meaningful and joyous ways, and become conscious of our thoughts.
As these changes happen, we begin to resonate with the life that we’re moving toward. We have more energy to love our Selves and others. To accept our Selves, and to be more accepting of others. Our “metaphysical muscles” become stronger, and the little things don’t bother us as much. If we’re not doing well, we’re simply hurting too much to be able to support others. Sometimes even being present for others is too much.
Loving our Self allows us the shift to help and support others.
Love You.
No… I mean… Love You!

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